Method for Determination of Androstenone, Akatole and Indole in Dorsal Fat of Pigs

Page: 593

M. Okrouhláa, R. Stupkaa, J. Číteka, D. Urbanováa, K. Vehovskýa, and L. Kouřimskáb

a Department of Animal Husbandry, b Department of Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

Keywords: boar taint, androstenone, skatole, indole, high performance liquid chromatography method, back fat


The aim of the study was to improve a high performance liquid chromatography method for determination of substances responsible for boar taint in pig fat in order to achieve an easily applicable procedure in laboratory practice. Androstenone and skatole were extracted by methanol from melted fat, derivatized with dansylhydrazine and detected using a high performance liquid chromatography method with a fluorescence detection in the presence of internal standards. The calibration curves showed a linear dependence in the concentration ranges used (R2 = 0.9979 for androstenone and 0.9983 for skatole). The limits of detection were 0.24 ??????g g–1 of fat for androstenone and 0.03 ??????g g–1 of fat for skatole. Five real samples of boar dorsal fat were analysed to validate this modified method. Androstenone and skatole were well detectable in real samples. Values obtained in repeated measurements showed only low variance. The method allowed us to detect and quantify the concentrations of boar taint compounds below the threshold of human perception.


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