Geopolymer Composite Based on Potassium Silicate Solution with Different Grain Size Composition of the Filler

Page: 581

L. Kullová, T. Kovářík, D. Rieger, and M. Čekalová

New Technologies – Research Centre, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

Keywords: geopolymer, composite, granulometry, filler, viskosity, mechanical strength, microstructure


This study deals with preparing geopolymer composite materials based on potassium silicate solution with the addition of different grain size composition of the filler. The influence of granulometry of added filler was studied in relation to viscosity, mechanical properties and microstructure of composite materials (apparent porosity, apparent relative density and bulk density) and to the relationship between them. It has been found that the composite samples showing the best mechanical properties contained a filler with a granulometric composition calculated by the Fuller - Thompson model and a reduced content of fine fractions (63–150 ??????m). These composite samples also exhibit the best microstructure characteristics.


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