New Legislation for the Treatment of Hazardous Chemical Substances and Chemical Mixtures

Page: 517

P. A. Skřehota, J. Mareka,b, P. Kožmína, and M. Skřehotováb

a Occupational Safety and Health Expert Institute, Pardubice, b ERGOWORK s.r.o., Prague

Keywords: chemical substances, education, legislation, safety at work, adolescents


The amendment to Act No. 258/2000 Coll. on the protection of public health, which came into force on December 1, 2015, sparked an impassioned public debate in the Czech Republic. The reason was that the key paragraph allowing juvenile students, in their preparation for the profession, to handle highly toxic, toxic and corrosive chemical substances and mixtures was left out. Some media portrayed immediately arisen situation as completely unsolvable and paralyzing teaching practical chemistry in schools. In January 2016, the government responded by adopting an amendment to Regulation No. 361/2007 Coll., which allows juvenile pupils again to work with selected groups of hazardous chemical substances and mixtures. Inasmuch in this step there were only minor changes, the team of authors carried out an analysis of the current legal situation and worked out a clear outcome allowing professionals to navigate easily in the art.


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