Anisotropy of Mechanical Properties of Heterogeneous Ion Exchange Membrane

Page: 498

E. Stránskáa, L. Zárybnickáb, K. Weinertováa, D. Nedělaa, and J. Křivčíka

a MemBrain s.r.o., Stráž pod Ralskem, b Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Macromolecular Materials, University of Pardubice

Keywords: ion exchange membrane, mechanical properties, anisotropy


This article focuses on anisotropy of mechanical tensile properties of selected reinforcing fabrics and heterogeneous ion exchange membranes (IEM). Two types of reinforcing fabrics (the weave fabric Ulester 32S and the knit Zora), heterogeneous IEM reinforced by these fabrics and non-reinforced membranes were tested. Ultimate force and ultimate strain in 6 different directions of loading were measured for these samples. In particular, the differences in tensile curves in warp and weft direction were examined. Anisotropy was confirmed for all samples, except for non-reinforced IEM. Anisotropy of reinforced IEM is given by the type of reinforcing fabric used.


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