Evaluation of Combustion Products Generated during Heating and Burning of Transformer Oil

Page: 460

M. Trčkaa, L. Klimkováa, A. Thomitzeka, and H. Věžníkováb

a Department of Fire Protection, b Department of Security Management, Faculty of Safety Engineering, Technical University of Ostrava

Keywords: aging of transformer oil, transformer oil, transformer fires


The authors evaluated the influence of aging of mineral Transformer Oil Y3000 on the composition of the smoke and its optical density. The composition of the smoke was analyzed by FTIR spectroscopy. The preparation of the gaseous products of thermal degradation of oils was performed according to the standard of DIN 53436 at 600 oC. As main components of gaseous products, the carbon monoxide and dioxide were identified, and also determined quantitatively. The optical smoke density was measured according to the standard of DIN EN ISO 5659-2. The samples were tested at two densities of the heat flow, namely 25 and 50 kW m–2. The test was performed with and without an auxiliary ignition flame, with both of the densities of the heat flow.


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