Diagnostics and Molecular Characterization of Plum pox virus

Page: 269

J. Rozáka and Z. Gálováb

a The Central Controlling and Testing Institute in Agriculture, Bratislava, b Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Keywords: Prunus, molecular diagnostic, polymerase chain reaction, virus, biodiversity


Plum pox virus (PPV), the agent responsible for sharka disease, is the most important viral pathogen of stone fruit trees. The fruits of these fruit species are widely used in the processing industry, thus being economically very attractive. This viral disease significantly reduces the vitality of the fruit trees and the quantity and quality of fruits. The present review describes recent methods used for the identification and characterization of economically important Plum pox virus. Understanding the diversity of plant viruses is an essential step to design efficient ma¬nagement strategies to eliminate economical losses.


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