Technology of Pasta Filata Cheese

Page: 258

M. Zimanováa, M. Greifováa, P. Bodya, and K. Herianb

a Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia; b Dairy Research Institute, Žilina, Slovakia

Keywords: pasta filata cheeses, heating-stretching process, starter culture, calcium


Pasta filata cheeses obtain their characteristic structure and properties during the heating-stretching process. It is a transformation of the curd into a plastic and stretchable paste. This change is achieved by an appropriate combination of pH and calcium content in the curd during the heating-stretching step. These two key parameters are controlled by the activity of the starter cultures, or by a direct acidification of milk with organic acids during the production of the curd. During the heating-stretching process the amorphous protein structure of the curd is transformed into an oriented structure composed of parallel protein fibres. The resulting plastic paste is easily molded into various forms and shapes.


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