Evaluation of the Activity of Reactive Sorbents by Using the Standard Fhosphatase Test

Page: 196

N. Zemanová, M. Kunešová, and V. Pilařová

Faculty of Environment, J. E. Purkyně University, Ústí nad Labem

Keywords: alkaline phosphatase, phosphatase activity, metal oxides, nanoparticles, reactive sorbents


Since recently, nanoparticles of certain metal oxides (e.g. oxides of Ti, Ce, Fe), the so called reactive sorbents, have been used for absorption or for decomposition of hazardous chemicals. The present article deals with the assessment of the phosphatase-mimetic activity of reactive sorbents made for decomposition of dangerous organophosphorus compounds such as pesticides or nerve gases. The aim was to find a quick, simple and robust method for comparing the phosphatase activity of these reactive sorbents. For this purpose, a standard and commercially available test was selected. This test is used for determination of the catalytic concentration of alkaline phosphatase in blood serum (ALP-MEG L 500, Erba Lachema, Brno, Czech Republic). The test was modified and optimized for the evaluation of phosphatase-mimetic activity of various types of reactive sorbents under static or kinetic conditions. Both methods were validated and the analytical characteristics discussed.


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