HPLC Study of On-line Transfer and Chiral Separation Options for Selected Pesticides using Column Switching Techniques

Page: 185

M. Chalányováa and I. Petránováb

a Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava, b Water Research Institute, Bratislava

Keywords: on-line transfer, chiral HPLC separation, pesticides, column-switching


The work deals with finding a suitable achiral stationary phase for preconcentration of pesticides epoxiconazole and permethrin. The break-through curves were measured for the studied analytes on several stationary phases. Sorption capacity of the sorbents showed that Silasorb Phenyl is suitable for the preconcentration of epoxiconazole and permethrin. HPLC separation conditions in reverse-phase mode of analytes were optimized on the chiral stationary phase ChiraDex. For on-line transfer of epoxiconazol and permethrin on achiral column Silasorb Phenyl and following back-flush washout on chiral stationary phase ChiraDex column-switching technique has been used. The resolution of epoxiconazol enantiomers e1–e2 is 1.48; permethrin enantiomers p1–p2 is 1.2; and permethrin enantiomers p3–p4 is 2.2.


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