Optical Spectroscopy for Analysis of the Ratio of Stable Isotopes. Competition or Alternative for Conventional Mass Spectroscopy of Stable Isotopes (IRMS)?

Page: 166

J. Kubásek


Keywords: stable isotopes, isotope fractionation, tunable LASER, spectroscopy, biochemistry, micrometeorology


The present brief review deals with optical methods for the stable isotope analysis of biogenic elements. It consists of both the methodical and application parts and focuses on the state-of-art methods and devices and their suitability for particular analyses. Practical and financial points of view are included and compared to the current method of choice, Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS). Application effort is focused on biochemistry, physiology, ecology and micrometeorology. Critical cornerstones of the method implementation and author’s personal experience are involved as well.


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