The MALDI Imaging for Study of the Physiological Processes in Tumors

Page: 106

R. Guráňa,b, O. Zítkaa,b, M. A. M. Rodrigoa,b, V. Adama,b, and R. Kizeka,b

a Department of chemistry and biochemistry, Mendel University, Brno, b Central European Institute of Technology, Brno University of Technology

Keywords: MALDI MSI, tumor markers, imaging methods


In recent years, MALDI imaging mass spectrometry, also known as MALDI imaging or MALDI MSI, has been getting wider recognition thanks to an increasing number of studies devoted to various tumor markers, comparing 2D mass maps of healthy and diseased tissue sections. By determining the spatial distribution of markers in the tissue we step forward to clarify the physiological processes in tumors and to better understand them. Moreover, by combining 2D mass maps with microscopic photos of the sections from histology, we get a more comprehensive picture of the distribution of the examined analytes. However, one of the disadvantages of MALDI imaging is a complicated ionization of analytes in a complex matrix of tissues and thus low detection limits. In this paper we report on the current state of MALDI imaging in oncology research. Development option of this method in the near future is outlined according to authors’ opinion.


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