Requirements to Ensure The Safety and Health of Pupils in The Use of Hazardous Chemicals during The Practical Teaching Chemistry

Page: 947

P. A. Skřehot a,b, J. Marek a,c, M. Skřehotová b, F. Houser a, and J. Piľa d

aOccupational Safety and Health Expert Institute, Pardubice, bERGOWORK s.r.o., Prague, cCity Quarter of Prague 5, Prague, dTechnical University Košice, Košice

Keywords: chemical substances, education, legislation, safety at work, adolescents


In 2015, there were a number of legislative changes newly modifying certain requirements to ensure the safety and health of pupils when handling chemical substances and mixtures in the practical teaching chemistry in schools. These modifications included not only specifying the categories of substances which young pupils can work with in the preparation for their profession, but also defining the measures guaranteeing adequate protection of their health. However, the complexity of the issue, which closely coincides with labor legislation, may cause considerable problems in practice due to its intricacy. In order to help the headmasters and teachers of chemistry to be better knowledgeable in their duties, this article focuses on selected problems which need priority consideration. The importance of issues relating to occupational safety for the handling and storage of chemicals in schools is adequately demonstrated through evidence and photographs obtained during authors’ expert work.


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