The Potencial Use of Pumpkin Pomace in Cereal Products

Page: 808

V. Kuchtová, Z. Kohajdová, J. Karovičová, and E. Mešterová

Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

Keywords: pumpkin fibre, pasta, rheological properties, dietary fibre


In the present study, effects of incorporation different levels of the pumpkin powder on farinographic characteristics, physico-chemical and sensory properties of pasta were followed. The pumpkin powder is a good source of dietary fibre, ash, and protein. Addition of pumpkin powder resulted in an increase of water absorption and dough developing time. Moreover, it was found that the enrichment of the dough by the pumpkin powder reduced the firmness of pasta. The optimal cooking time was prolonged and the water absorption increased with increasing levels of pumpkin powder. Sensory evaluation showed that higher amounts of pumpkin powder (7.5 %) negatively affected taste, color, consistency, and overall appearance of pasta.


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