Current Status and Prospects of Coupling Laser Ablation with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry in Geochemistry

Page: 769

M. Jarošováa,b, P. Sulovskýc, and D. Mildea

a Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Department of Analytical Chemistry, b Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, c Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Palacký University, Olomouc

Keywords: laser ablation, ICP-MS, reference materials, fractionation, geological materials


This review focuses on characteristics of laser ablation and its application in geochemistry. The principle and instrumentation of laser ablation together with parameters that influence ablation process are presented. Possibilities of quantification and use of certified reference materials are explained on examples of analyses of geological samples. Further, various applications in geochemistry are described and limitations caused by fractionation are also shown.


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