Influence of Storage Conditions on Selected Properties of Oxidized Cellulose

Page: 698

M. Pišlová, M. Opltová, K. Kolářová, V. Vosmanská, and V. Švorčík

Institute of Solid State Engineering, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Keywords: oxidized cellulose, haemostat, storage conditions, surface analysis, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, antibacterial properties


In this research, influence of storage conditions on properties of oxidized cellulose was studied with respect to its haemostatic function. The aim was to examine changes of the properties of oxidized cellulose stored properly and that stored at laboratory conditions for 2 years. We studied surface morphology and chemical composition, as well as absorption of the simulated body fluid, behaviour in aqueous environment via potentiometric measurement of pH, and antimicrobial activity in vitro on the S. epidermidis bacteria. It was found out that the material properties of oxidized cellulose did not deteriorate. Higher absorption of simulated body fluid, lower pH in water and simulated body fluid represented positive changes with respect to the haemostatic function. Due to the acidic nature of the material, degraded oxidized cellulose preserved its antibacterial properties.


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