Generation of Gaseous Singlet Oxygen for Interaction Experiments

Page: 11

M. Čenský, V. Jirásek, J. Schmiedberger, and J. Kodymová

Institute of Physics AS CR, Prague

Keywords: singlet oxygen, gas phase generation of singlet oxygen, chemical generation of singlet oxygen, discharge generation of singlet oxygen, singlet oxygen generator


Singlet delta state of molecular oxygen, O2(1?g), is the first electronically excited state, which attracts a considerable interest in diverse scientific fields such as photochemistry, organic chemistry, atmospheric environmental chemistry, biology, medicine and laser physics. In laser physics, singlet oxygen is associated with the pumping mechanism of chemical and discharge oxygen-iodine lasers. Several generators of singlet oxygen (SOG) in gas phase were originally designed, developed and experimentally studied in our laboratory in connection with long-term research of these lasers. Their basic principles and operation are described. Namely the chemical generators with liquid jets, that is, the so called jet SOG and the spray SOG with a centrifugal separation of gas-liquid phases, as well as the hybrid radiofrequency/arc discharge generator, were studied. Possibilities of the use of singlet oxygen for interaction experiments are discussed. An overview of the basic methods for detection of singlet delta oxygen in gas phase is presented.


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