Biobutanol Use in Diesel Engines and Its Influence on Diesel oil Parameters

Page: 722

V. Hönig, J. Hromádko, and M. Orsák

Faculty of Agrobiology and Food and Natural Resources, Faculty of Technology, Czech University of Agriculture, Prague

Keywords: butanol, ethanol, diesel fuel, distillation curve, lubricity


Biobutanol can replace bioethanol used in gasoline and it can be also added as admixture to diesel oil. Although butanol is more often considered for use in gasoline, this article evaluates blends of butanol with diesel oil from the viewpoint of fuel properties and technical adjustment of the fuel system. The EN 590 standard for diesel fuel is well maintained by a single butanol amount para¬meter in diesel oil without other additives. The obtained parameters of diesel oil with the butanol content below 30 vol.% are suitable for unmodified engines.


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