Novel Analytical Methods and Procedures for the Determination of Fluorides

Page: 606

E. Culkováa, P. Tomčíka, Ľ. Švorcb, K. Cinkováb, D. Melicherčíkováa, R. Bellováa, P. Glončáka, and J. Durdiaka

a Department of Chemistry and Physics, Fa¬culty of Education, The Catholic University, Ružomberok, Slovakia b Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

Keywords: fluorides, tooth paste, drinking water, electroanalysis, colorimetry, spectrometry, chromatography, flow methods


Fluorides may enter into human body with drinking water, food and also with fluoridized salt. Fluorides play a crucial role in osteoporosis treatment. They are essential in normal development of teeth and bones. However, at high concentrations fluorides are toxic causing fluorosis, osteosclerosis and failure of kidneys. This is why more sophisticated methods for their monitoring are developed. This review describes the features, importance and current state of analytical techniques used for determination of fluorides by optical and electrochemical methods.


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