Voltammetric Determination of Insecticide Imidacloprid Using Silver Solid Amalgam Electrode

Page: 527

M. Štěpánková, R. Šelešovská, L. Janíková-Bandžuchová, and J. Chýlková

Institute of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, University of Pardubice

Keywords: imidacloprid, voltammetry, silver solid amalgam electrode


Various voltammetric methods (cyclic, DC, and differential pulse voltammetry) were tested for the title purpose. The last mentioned method with optimized parameters was finally chosen for the determination. A low LOD of 3.62?10-8 mol L-1 and a linear dynamic range from 2.5?10-7 to 2?10-5 mol L-1 were reached. An influence of possible interfering agents was studied as well. The proposed method was used in the analysis of pesticide preparation and of spiked samples of river water.


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