Polylactic Acid – Material for Biodegradable Apparel and Industrial Textiles

Page: 291

J. Brožeka, V. Benešováa, L. Malinováa, R. Kalouskováa, K. Šandab, and Z. Ledrováb

a Department of Polymers, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, b SINTEX, Česká Třebová

Keywords: polylactic acid, bioplastic, fabric, composting, biodegradation


This study is focused on the use of poly(L-lactic acid) in textile applications. Planar fixed white and color fabrics made of staple were exposed to standard washing cycles imitating the maintenance of textile materials. The effect of temperature and pH of the washing bath on the degradation rate of poly(L-lactic acid) was monitored by the abiotic hydrolysis test. The properties of the fabrics after carrying out the tests were evaluated from the changes of areal weight and strength. The changes of the structure of polymer chains were assessed by the change of molar masses and reduced viscosities of polymer solutions and by IR spectroscopy. The fabrics made from poly(L-lactic acid) meet the requirements for packaging suitable for composting and biodegradation.


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