Analysis of Alkaloids in Poppy Straw by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Page: 229

A. Laryšováa, L. Endlováa,b,c, V. Vrbovskýb,c, and Z. Navrátilováa

a Department of Chemistry, University of Ostrava, b OSEVA Development and Research Ltd., Rožnov-Zubří, c OSEVA PRO Ltd., Opava

Keywords: poppy, poppy capsules, morphine, alkaloids, extraction, HPLC, validation


An analytic method was developed for the simultaneous determination of main alkaloids in poppy straw by HPLC. The optimal conditions and sample preparation were proposed and validated. The repeatability, regularity, linearity, sensitivity, limit of detection, limit of quantitation, and robustness of the method were determined. The new method was applied to the real poppy straw samples from the 2013 harvest. The method can be used for a routine evaluation of poppy straw.


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