The Use of 31P NMR for Quantitative Analysis of Distarch Phosphate and Determination of the Reaction Mechanism

Page: 204

E. Šárkaa, R. Hrabalb, J. Koláčeka, P. Smrčkováa, and Z. Bubníka

a Department of Carbohydrates and Cereals, b Central Laboratories, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Key words: distarch phosphate, resistant starch, slowly digestible starch, starch digestibility, chemically modified starch


Distarch phosphates of different degree of substitution were analysed by 31P NMR. A major part of P was inorganic. When analysing reaction products of wheat starch in laboratory, cyclic monophosphate as a reaction intermediate was found. The chosen procedure made it possible to reach the DS 0.002.


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