Methods for Determination of Proteasome Activity and Their Applications

Page: 198

J. Sedláček and M. Švécarová

Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, Palacký University, Olomouc

Key words: fluorogenic peptide substrates, proteasome, proteolysis, determination of enzymatic activity


The proteasome is a promising therapeutic target in the treatment of malignant diseases. Inasmuch as cancer cells are characterized by a rapid synthesis of some proteins, which must be subsequently degraded. A brief description of and some methods for determination of enzymatic activity of proteasomes are given. The methods are used in kinetics studies of proteasome and in the screening of potentially active compounds. Future progress in deve¬lopment of these methods can contribute to more detailed studies of the pathological status of cells as well as to effective pharmacological regimens for patients treated with proteasome inhibitors.


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