Problems of REACH with Products from Secondary Raw Materials

Page: 180

A. Orlíkováa,b

a DIAMO Co., Ostrava-Vítkovice, b Institute of Environmental Engineering, University of Mining, Technical University, Ostrava-Poruba

Keywords: REACH, secondary raw materials, filling mixtures


The REACH regulations for managing health hazards of chemicals were implemened in 2006. Implementing regulations to the act on technical requirements for pro¬ducts do not reflect the REACH. The article deals with insufficient national legislation in the certification of construction products made from secondary raw materials. In the course of certification, the product properties are assessed. It is irrelevant whether the product is made from chemicals or waste. This legal regulation causes an uncertainty at the time when the Czech Government adopted the main goals of the Czech policy as regards secondary raw materials. These goals clearly support the effective utilization of secondary raw materials for the purpose of saving non-renewable resources.


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