Tradition and Present State of Educational Chemical Experiment Aid Support in the Czech Republic

Page: 159

P. Beneša, M. Ruseka, and T. Kudrnab

aDepartment of Chemistry and Chemistry Education, Charles University in Prague, b Lach-Ner, s.r.o. Neratovice

Keywords: educational chemical experiment, school chemical experiment, equipment for experiments, chemistry education


Educational chemical experiment plays a vital role in chemistry education. It develops logical thinking with the use of empirical procedures, affects all senses, activates students, leads them to better understanding new knowledge and brings new subject matter closer to them. Presently, chemistry teachers reduce using chemical expe¬riments especially on the grounds of insufficient equipment and methodical support. The paper brings a review of accessible teaching aids since 1980’s. Particular newly developed teaching aids which could reverse the described unfavourable situation are also described.


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