A Synthetic Multilocus Calibrator for Analysis of Gene Expression in Pituitary Tumors Causing Acromegaly

Page: 938

M. Beráneka,b, M. Drastíkováa, F. Gabalecc, V. Paličkaa, and J. Čápc

a Institute of Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostics, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Faculty Hospital, Hradec Králové, b Department of Biochemical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hradec Králové, Charles University in Prague, c Department of Internal Medicine 4, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Faculty Hospital, Hradec Králové

Keywords: calibrator, gene synthesis, receptor, pituitary, acromegaly, expression


The aim of the study was to propose a multilocus calibrator containing seven specific sequences of SSTR1-SSTR5, D2R, ER1 genes and the GUS house-keeping reference gene. For preparation, gene synthesis and gene assembly technique were used. The experimental group consisted of 44 pituitary adenomas with overproduction of growth hormone leading to acromegaly. The gene expression was investigated using the real-time PCR. We revealed highest numbers of SSTR2 and D2R transcripts, lower numbers of SSTR1, SSTR3, SSTR5 and ER1 trans¬cripts, and the lowest transcription of the SSTR4 gene. The use of the multicalibrator ensured a high comparability of the results obtained for the tested genes.


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