UV Photochemical Generation of Volatiles in Atomic Spectrometric Methods

Page: 930

M. Rybínová, V. Červený, J. Hraníček, and P. Rychlovský

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Department of Analytical Chemistry

Keywords: UV-photochemical generation, volatile compounds, generator construction, reaction mechanism, generation efficiency, collection, interference


This is a review on UV-photochemical generation of volatile compounds, which can be used as a sample-introduction technique in atomic spectrometric determinations of various species. The technique is promising alternative to the chemical and electrochemical generation due to its simplicity, high sensitivity and relatively green profile. The experimental set-up and working conditions are primarily described. The review deals with the reaction mechanism, summarizes the identified products, and compares the published efficiency of conversion of analytes to volatile compounds. Achieved limits of detection and analytical applications are also demonstrated.


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