Significance of Exposure Route for Bioavailability of Chromium in Soil Environment

Page: 794

K. Kobetičová, Z. Petrová, and V. Kočí

Department of Environmental Chemistry, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Keywords: bioavailability, K2Cr2O7, Enchytraeus albidus, soil, ecotoxicity


Bioavailability and hence the toxicity of various organic compounds and metals in the soil is influenced by many factors, among others physicochemical properties of the soil, chemical structure of the tested pollutants and also sensitivity of the test organisms. Few studies, however, deal s with the influence of exposure pathways (food, body surface) through which pollutants can get into the body. This article describes the effect of some exposure routes (contaminated food, soil, water) on toxicity of Cr for Enchytraeus albidus.


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