Preparation and Characterization of Drug Forms of Bee Propolis

Page: 784

J. Trousil, M. Hrubý, M. Šlouf, and P. Štěpánek

Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

Keywords: propolis, light scattering, nanodispersion, self-associated system


Propolis is a resinous bee product possessing various interesting pharmacological properties which is widely used in traditional medicine for its broad spectrum of pharmacological effects. It is used in a wide range of dosage forms such as tinctures, gargles, pills and capsules, while the mentioned solid forms are also used in dietary supplements. Preparation of gargles by diluting tinctures with water leads to nanoprecipitation and the propolis droplets are dispersed in the self-associated system. The goal of this study was to describe precipitated nanoparticles of bee propolis depending on their character in terms of dynamic and static light scattering and other physicochemical methods.


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