Aroma Encapsulation into Spherical Silicate Particles

Page: 7

E. Vrbková, E. Vyskočilová, and L. Červený

Department of Organic Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague

Keywords: silicate particles, encapsulation, aroma


An overview of syntheses of several types of spherical silicate particles and the ways of aroma encapsulation into the particles are provided. Nonporous spherical silicate particles can be prepared by syntheses under basic or acid conditions or using spray-drying. Hollow porous silicate particles are usually prepared using tenside micelles or vesicles. Non-hollow porous particles can be prepared using n-alkylamines or spray-drying. Aroma encapsulation into the particles can be carried out during or after their synthesis. The encapsulation is influenced by properties of the aroma such as its chemical structure and polarity.


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