Characterising Keratin Hydrolysates Prepared from Chicken Feathers

Page: s26

P. Mokrejš, S. Sukop, and O. Krejčí

Centre of Polymer Systems, Department of Chemistry, Department of Polymeric Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University, Zlín


The paper studies the influence of technological conditions of alkaline-enzyme hydrolysis of chicken feathers on molecular weight of prepared keratin hydrolysates. Molecular weight (Mw) of hydrolysates was determined by SDS-PAGE and electrophoretic profiles of keratin hydrolysates were compared with electrophoretic profiles of protein standards, technical-grade gelatine and collagen hydrolysates. With the suitable choice of conditions during hydrolysis it is possible to prepare hydrolysates with prevailing portion of low-molecular weight fractions (Mw<20 kDa), medium-molecular weight fractions (Mw≈0–70 kDa) as well as high molecular weight fractions (Mw>70 kDa).


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