Pro¬perties of Products from Light-Cycle Oil and Gas Oil Blends Hydrotreatment

Page: 886

J. Tomášek, J. Blažek, and B. I. Osegbe

Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


This work deals with the use of light-cycle oil from fluid catalytic cracking in the production of diesel fuel by hydrotreatment. Light-cycle oil, straight-run gas oil and their mixtures have been subjected to hydrotreatment using a commercial Co-Mo/Al2O3 catalyst in a laboratory flow reactor. The hydrotreatment significantly lowered S and N levels. Contents of diaromatics and polyaromatics were lowered by the hydrotreatment as well. Density, S, N and polyaromatics contents in the products increased with increasing light-cycle oil content in the feedstock. On the other hand, their viscosity and cetane index decreased with increasing content of light-cycle oil in the feedstock. The products that meet the performance requirements for diesel (EN 590) were prepared from the feedstock containing up to 10 wt.% of light-cycle oil. High density and high S content of light-cycle oil make impossible its extensive use in the production of diesel fuel.


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