Effect of Electrostatic Charge on the Production and Composition of Pharmaceuticals

Page: 853

L. Gruberováa, B. Kratochvíla, and A. Jegorovb

a Department of Solid State Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, b Teva Czech Industries, České Budějovice


Powdery pharmaceuticals are prone to electrostatic charging due to collisions of particles and friction with device walls. The generated electrostatic charge is influenced by particle properties, processing and conditions. The charge of active particles and excipients is often inconvenient being able to cause problems in the production of solid dosage forms. The electrostatic charge of powdery particles affects properties of the materials and all procedures as the charge affects the behaviour and purity of the final dosage form. The problem of electrostatic charging of powders is more complicated when two or more compounds with different physical, chemical and dielectric properties are combined. To better understand the mechanism of electrostatic charging it is necessary to explain all the effects that contribute to charging solid active ingredients and excipients.


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