Alkali-activated Binder Based on Coal Fly Ash

Page: 620

N. Števulová and J. Junák

Department of Materials Engineering, Institute of Environmental Engineering, Technical University, Košice, Slovak Republic


An urgent need is to reduce the greenhouse gas emission in all industries including building construction. The recovery of fly ash from coal combustion as a partial replacement of cement into the concrete seems very attractive. To promote the utilization of coal fly ash in building material production, its pretreatment is performed. The objective of this article is to study the impact of alkaline activation of cement with coal fly ash (25 and 75 wt. %) on compression strength of the material after 28- and 90-day hardening. The compression strengths meet the standard requirements. X-ray diffraction analysis of the material after alkaline treatment of fly ash/cement confirmed that the development of the material strength is related to the formation of zeolite phases which stiffen the structure of the concrete matrix.


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