Utilization of Cyclodextrins in Gas Chromatography: Preparation of Capillary Columns with Cyclodextrin Stationary Phases

Page: 452

D. Kačeriaková and I. Špánik

Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technonoly, Bratislava


The columns are prepared by anchoring a cyclodextrin derivative in (polysiloxanes or ionic liquids) to inner capillary surface by physicochemical interactions. The cyclodextrine derivative and solvent polarity are the main factors influencing the efficiency and enantioselectivity of the columns. Alternatively, a cyclodextrin derivative copolymers is covalently attached to polysiloxane. This procedure enabled the column application at both lower and higher temperatures. Another method uses two or more independent chiral selectors, either dissolved in or bonded to an achiral solvent.


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