Low-molecular-weight Inhibitors of Enterovirus Replication

Page: 326

R. Nencka, H. Hřebabecký, M. Šála, and M. Dejmek

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Prague


Enteroviruses rank among the most common human pathogens; millions of people suffer from diseases caused by them every year. However, no specific treatment of infections caused by this genus from the Picornaviridae family has been introduced to clinical practice so far. Therefore, a search for potential therapeutics aiming at these viruses is urgently needed. Due to advances in biochemistry and molecular biology, we are able to aim at specific viral proteins as well as possible host factors essential for virus replication in cells. Recently, a number of compounds inhibiting replication of various enteroviruses have been reported, based on both rational target-based drug design and phenotypic screening. This article is a review of common structure patterns of the compounds that have been recently found to inhibit the replication of enteroviruses.


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