Immunoassay in Membrane Lateral Flow

Page: 114

S. Göselová, M. Blažková, B. Holubová, L. Karamonová, and P. Rauch

Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The review focuses on the latest development of the title method. Compared with conventional instrumental techniques the method is simple and fast. It can be used for qualitative and/or semiquatitative detection and should be applied in non-laboratory environment. The principles of current formats, different markers, such as gold, carbon, and latex nanoparticles as well as possible quantitative monitoring are described. The applications generally include tests for low- or high-molecular-weight compounds, such as pesticides, drugs, mycotoxins, hormones, allergens, pathogens and metabolites in food or feed, as well as veterinary, biomedical and environmental purposes.


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