Chromatographic Determination of Biogenic Amines and Polyamines in Ripening Cheeses

Page: 1140

T. Komprdaa, V. Dohnalb, and O. Cwikováa

a Department of Food Technology, Mendel University, Brno; b Department of Chemistry, University of Hradec Králové


The objective of the study was to standardize determination of biogenic amines (BA) and polyamines (PA) in ripening cheeses by LC after their extraction with aqueous HCl and derivatization with dansyl chloride, and to verify the method using the cheeses with expected high contents of BA and PA. The central and edge parts of twenty-week-old Edam cheeses from two sources, with two fat contents and using two starter cultures were analyzed. The limits of detection and recoveries ranged from 0.008 to 0.0013 mg kg–1 and from 84 % to 96 %, respectively. Total amines (BA+PA) in the cheeses ranged from 60 to 709 mg kg–1.


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