Antioxidant Activity of Birch Pollen in Relation to Expression of BetV1 Allergen

Page: 1080

J. Žiarovskáa, T. Shevtsovab, J. Gažoa, J. Brindzaa, K. Garkavab, and M. Bežoa

a Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra, Slovakia; b Institute of Ecological Safety, National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine


The aim of the study was to determine the total antioxidant activity and expression of silver birch allergen BetV1 in pollen samples from various Ukraine areas. The obtained results show higher expression of BetV1 allergen in samples from central parts of urbanized areas (ca. 1.5 times) compared with the samples from borders of the urbanized areas (ca. 0.55 times). The total antioxidant activity of aqueous pollen extracts ranged from 80.5 % to 85.5 %, for ethanolic extracts 60.3–84.9 %. Positive correlation was found between antioxidant activity in ethanolic pollen extract and BetV1 allergen expresion.


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