HPLC-MS Determination of Iopromide and Iopamidol in Waters Using On-line Preconcentration in Porous Graphite Columns

Page: 976

J. Kokšal and R. Beranová

Ohře River Basin, Department of Water Laboratories, Teplice, Czech Republic


Determination of Iopromide and Iopamidole in surface and waste waters was developed. A porous graphitic carbon sorbent was used for pre-concentration and separation of analytes, in combination with tandem mass spectrometry as detection technique. The method was validated and applied in routine analyses. Its characteristics such as repeatability, limits of detection and determination are presented together with evaluation of matrix effects. The working range was 20–1000 ng L–1, limit of determination 20 ng L–1 and expanded uncertainty 30 %.


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