Fluorinated Phoshonates as Reagents for the Introduction of Fluorinated Functional Groups

Page: 926

P. Beier and Stanislav Opekar

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague


This review introduces β-fluorophosphonates as useful synthons and fluoroalkyl transfer reagents. The remarkable biological activity of the phosphonates is also mentioned. The main emphasis is put on synthetic applications of the following fluorinated phosphonates: diethyl (difluoromethyl)phosphonate (1), diethyl (trifluoromethyl)phosphonate (2), tetraethyl (fluoromethylene)bis¬phosphonate (3), diethyl [(fluoromethyl) (phenylsulfonyl)methyl]phosphonate (McCathy’s reagent) (4), and diethyl (fluoronitromethyl)phosphonate (5). The review is focused on the chemistry of the synthons.


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