Modification of Titanium Surface for Medical Applications

Page: 40

H. Moravec, J. Fojt, and L. Joska

Department of Metals and Corrosion Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Ti implants have become an important instrument in handling various problems associated with the loss of fle¬xibility of a joint system. Having replaced a damaged joint with an endoprosthesis reduces pain, restores flexibility and improves the patient’s quality of life. The implant-bone integration may be a complicated and lengthy process. Therefore, the state of the material surface is of vital importance. Ti can be treated electrochemically to produce a tubular nanostructure, which can later be modified to achieve bioactivity. Moreover, the large adsorption surface enables anchoring of biologically active substances and pharmaceuticals. The nanostructure and its further modifications could facilitate and strengthen the implant-bone integration, and thus shorten the healing process. The article describes the preparation of nanostructures and summarizes the knowledge of Ti surface treatment.


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