Vapour Pressure and Oxidation Stability of Butanol-Gasoline Blends

Page: 717

Z. Mužíková, P. Baroš, M. Pospíšil, and G. Šebor

Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


n-Butanol can be used as a biofuel like bioethanol. This work deals with the vapour pressure of n-butanol-gasoline blends as defined by Reid and with the influence of n-butanol contaminants on oxidation stability. n Butanol caused an increase in the gasoline vapour pressure of ca. 1 kPa (max.). However, at concentrations of n butanol higher than 10 vol.% a decrease in gasoline vapour pressure was observed. Oxidation stability of n butanol-gasoline blends is sufficiently high.


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