Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Conditions of Chicken Feathers

Page: 709

P. Mokrejš, O. Krejčí, R. Čermák, and P. Svoboda

Centre of Polymer Systems, Department of Polymeric Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University, Zlín


Poultry feathers, a by-product in poultry industry, and a significant keratin source, are not adequately utilised. The paper describes processing of chicken feathers by alkaline-enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain keratin hydrolysate. The effects of hydrolysis conditions on the extent of hydrolysis and on chemical properties of the hydrolysates were investigated. The experiments were statistically eva¬luated. Under mild conditions the keratin hydrolysate containing 13.2 % N, 13.1 % inorganic solids, 1.8 % S and 0.6 mmol g–1 of NH2 groups was obtained. Keratin hydrolysates can be utilised in fodders, in production of biodegradable films and coatings or as a material for microcapsules.


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