Determination of Physicochemical Properties and Monitoring Stability of Squalene Emulsions

Page: 659

E. Slepeckáa, J. Sülib, J. Radováb, A. Ondrejkováa, R. Ondrejkaa, M. Prokeša, Ľ. Korytára, P. Čechvalaa, and J. Harvanovác

a Department of Epizootology and Preventive Veterinary Medicine, b Department of Medicinal Chemistry, c Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Košice


The study deals with the preparation of stable emulsions of squalene, which are suitable for production of adjuvant inactivated vaccine. We followed the stability of emulsions prepared at a concentration of squalene 2.5 % (w/v) as well as some of their physical properties. The ideal storage conditions of squalene emulsions were determined by observing the impact of packaging materials on the stability. Higher stability of the emulsions stored in polyethylene compared with those stored in glass contai¬ners was observed.


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