Targeting of Drugs into Colon

Page: 522

K. Dvořáčková, A. Franc, and M. Kejdušová

Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences


In recent years, drug delivery into colon has gained importance in treatment of colon diseases and systemic absorption of peptide drugs. This review is focused on parameters of the gastrointestinal tract influencing the drug and delivery systems as well as on the main pharmaceutical approaches to colon delivery. The review describes the use of pH-sensitive polymers, polymers biodegradable by colon microflora, azo polymers and other methods resul¬ting in pH-, microbially-, pressure- and time-controlled colon-specific drug delivery systems. The review also covers electronic devices for the purpose. Colon drug delivery offers various therapeutic benefits for patients especially in treatment of local diseases. Its use for systemic drug absorption remains a challenge for future.


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