Adaptation Responses of Bacterial Strains to Environmental Stress Caused by the Presence of Toxic Organic Compounds

Page: 356

S. Murínová, H. Dudášová, L. Lukáčová, K. Lászlová, and K. Dercová

Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Bratislava


A prospective method for decontamination of the environment is bioremediation using bacteria or fungi and phytoremediation using plants to degrade pollutants. The bacteria used for biodegradation must be able to colonize the contaminated area. Some of them have developed efficient adaptation mechanisms to survive under adverse conditions. Most adaptive mechanisms are associated with membrane fluidity and lipid-phase stability. In the pre¬sence of organic compounds bacteria decrease membrane fluidity to maintain cell viability. This can be achieved by increased cis/trans isomerization, membrane saturation and alternation of branched and cyclopropyl fatty acids.


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