The occurrence of the Lactobacillus Genus and Biogenic Amines in Mayonnaise and Tartar Sauce Prepared in Laboratory

Page: 308

J. Fialováa, J. Chumchalováb, K. Míkovác, M. Greifovád, and G. Greifd

a Department of Dairy and Fat Technology; b Department of Environmental Chemistry; c Department of Chemistry and Analysis of Food, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague; d Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava


The occurrence of Lactobacillus genus was confirmed in the title products prepared in laboratory and stored at 15 °C. Lactobacilli were able to grow and survive in the tested products contributing to their spoilage. The maximum acceptable concentration of lactobacilli was exceeded in all the tested sauces. Lower amounts of lactobacilli were observed in mayonnaise. The contents of histamine and tyramine in the products were very low and not ha¬zardous.


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