Remediation of Uranium Mining Areas in the Czech Republic

Page: 283

Š. Petrová, P. Soudek, and T. Vaněk

Laboratory of Plant Biotechnologies, Institute of Experimental Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague


Areas contaminated with radionuclides are near the places of mining and processing of U ores. The most contaminated areas in the Czech Republic are located near Stráž pod Ralskem (chemical leaching), Rožná, and Mydlovary (U processing plants). Radioactive wastes are stored in rock dumps and piles. High concentrations of radionuclides appear also in water. In the past, contamina¬ted soil or water was processed outside the area. These used methods were very expensive and destructive for the soil and environment. At present, the remediation tries to use the methods that preserves the functions and properties of the soil. The in situ methods offer decontamination techniques without removing contaminated soil. The present review deals with domestic U mining areas and possible methods of remediation of contaminated localities.


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