Development of Method for Isolation of Selected Group of Pesticides from Soil by Solid Sample Flow-Throught Extraction before RP-HPLC Analysis

Page: 165

M. Chalányováa, I. Procháckováb, and M. Huttaa

a Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava, b Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Bratislava


An off-line flow-through extraction method from soil samples for HPLC determination of selected group of pesticides has been developed. Methoxurone, atrazine, propazine, simazine, terbutrine, cloquintocet-mexyl, cypermethrine and permethrine were analysed. The effect of amount of Silica L 40/100 sorbent, flow-rate and extract volume on the recovery of the pesticides were studied. The obtained recoveries for 1.0 g of dry soil samples con¬taining 2.5 ??????g of each pesticides were 67–87 % for tri¬azines pesticides and cloqiuntocet-mexyl and 40–57 % for pyrethroids cypermethrin and permethrin.


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